Basfhal is an ancient eladrin city that exists on both the material plane and the Feywild.  The city has been home to eladrin in the Arinoc Basin for centuries, and many have gone there seeking their wisdom or to experience the legendary beauty of the city.

The eladrin of basfhal have a long history with the delanic peoples, and have been instrumental in the fomation of those peoples' history and culture.  Although the city's leaders have rarely involved themselves directly in events in the Old Delanic Kingdom or the later reigns, they have long acted as neutral ground, offering the security of Basfhal for peace talks and the like.  It was in Basfhal that the delanic people and the Turathi signed the treaty that ended the last civil war and brought the delanic lands into the empire.

More important has been Basfhal's place in maintaining the balance between elves, fey and humans in the area.  The fey exist in large numbers in both elven and delanic lands, and with the eldarin's help, all three have managed to coexist more or less peacefully.  The important place that the fey hold within delnaic custom and folklore is due in no small part to the eladrin.

While Basfhal technically is within the borders of Bael Turath, it is not part of the empire, but is an independent city.  The eladrin are on good terms with the empire, and have freedom of movement between their city and the borders, even without access to the Feywild.

At the heart of Basfhal is a portal connecting the material plane and the Feywild.  No mortal in recorded history has ever seen it, and in fact so few eladrin alive today claim to have seen it that some consider it little more than a myth.  It's existence, in conjunction with protective magic so ancient and inscrutable that no mortal has ever been able to understand it, has kept Basfhal from ever falling.  There is a myth of a great human warrior who led an army against the city, surrounding it and laying siege to it, but not only did he not caputre the city, but his entire army went hungry and eventually deserted him.  The eladrin never even enganged the attackers in combat.

Although Basfhal does a great deal of trade, it apparently has no particular needs that cannot be met within its walls.  Although a siege might make life slightly less comfortable, and many in Basfhal are accustomed to a certain amount of comfort, it is plain that the city will never fall.  The Empire of Bael Turath had nothing to offer the eladrin, and so they simply conquered the area around the city and agreed never to make war against Basfhal itself.  In return, the empire has greatly benefited from having the city as an ally and trade partner.

The leadership of Basfhal consists of a council of the most powerful eladrin in the city, called kings and queens.  Whenever one dies or steps down, the remaining rulers choose another from amongst the most important eladrin to replace her.

The council is of course all eladrin, and most of the great movers and shakers in the city are as well, but only about two-thirds of the population are actually eladrin.  The reamining population consists of humans, many of them delanic, as well as elves and a number of fey who live within the city. 


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