Following the collapse of the Old Delanic Kingdom, the delanic language splintered into four distinct dialects.  The Dahlan Valley is heavily forested, and much of the remaining terrain is rugged and broken, which generally cuts most smaller communities off from one another.  To help combat this, the kings of Old Delan built many roads, which led from small communities to larger ones.

The result was the construction of four major cultural centers in the kingdom: Zapad and Jizn on their own, and two halves of Most, Vychod and Sevr on the north and south banks, respectively.  As these areas became the linguistic and cultural centers of their respective regions, they eventually became the capitals of the four kingdoms which were born of Old Delan's collapse.

Over centuries of warfare ar worst and cool relations at best, these areas developed their own distinct dialects.  Each is mutually intelligible with the other three, and the differences are primarily in vocabulary and pronunciation.  Speakers can generally identify where someone is from by the dialect they speak, which has also been known to start fights.


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