Delanic Peoples


The Delanic peoples conprise four human ethnic groups that share a common root language as well as cultural similarities stemming from the Old Delanic Kingdom.  They live primarily within the area of the Dahlan Valley, an area rich in fertile soil and large forests of birch and other hardy trees.

The Old Delanic Kingdom was centered around the city of Most, from which a long line of kings ruled justly.  As tends to happen though, issues of lineage eventually arose, and the kingdom was torn asunder.

The result was, for most of the time since then, four distinct kingdoms, called Vychodni, Jizni, Sevri, and Zapadni.  At times one might ally with or conquer part of another, but for the better part of four centuries they were independent.

Finally, in 3801, the king of Sevri managed to join the four kingdoms together through a brilliant combination of marraiges, trade agreements, and outright force.  This king, Tomasch Masarik, ruled with relative stability over the next two decades.  During this time, he drew his kingdom ever closer to the increasingly powerul empire of Bael Turath, and in 3820, he signed a treaty with the Turathi in the eladrin city of Basfhal which made the Dahlan Valley officially a part of the empire.

Some resisted the movement into the empire, but with his characteristic rhetoric, and with imperial backing when violence was needed, Masarik crushed the opposition, and the delanic peoples have been imperial citizens since.


Instead of worshiping a pantheon of gods, the delanic people make offerings to the various lesser fey that live throughout the valley, in the hopes that more helpful fey will give them boons, and more sinister fey will leave them alone.  Because there are so many fey living in the area, they have by necessity had close relations to the eladrin of Basfhal, who have long had a soft spot for the delanic peoples.  They do not worship either the fey or the eldarin, but recognize their importance and their place in the spiritual ecology of their territory.

That is not to say that the delanic people never pray to the gods, there is just no particular faith that has made a large impact on the area.  Druids are more common than clerics among the natives. 

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Delanic Peoples

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